Course Curriculum

Introduction by George Trachilis 00:07:00
Introduction by Norman Bodek 00:06:00
Introduction by Takashi Harada 00:10:00
Who is Paul Akers, and why did he come? 00:05:00
Day 1 - Goal and Purpose
Meet our students, Jim Lippens and Ran Levi 00:09:00
Meet our instructors, Norman Bodek and George Trachilis 00:14:00
George Says: Read Up To Page 8 00:02:00
The problem we have in implementing Lean 00:09:00
From Japan – The importance of Philosophy 00:15:00
From Japan – Mr. Nakamura and the Technology MAP 00:21:00
Self Analysis and Self Assessment 00:19:00
What does productivity mean 00:17:00
Preparing yourself for the Harada Method 00:18:00
Clarify Your Talents and Aspirations 00:13:00
From Japan – The past is not a good predictor of the future 00:22:00
From Japan – The Four Perspectives of Goals and Purposes 00:09:00
From Japan – Defining Success and Setting Purposeful Goals 00:12:00
From Japan – The Keys to Reinforcing your Goals 00:16:00
Homework – Complete your Four Perspectives of Goals 00:03:00
George Says: Do this exercise with your spouse 00:00:00
George Says: Complete Pages 22 to 25 00:01:00
Washing Dishes makes you a Winner 00:00:00
Finalize your Long-term Goal and Analysis 00:13:00
Identify future obstacles and counter measures 00:15:00
Day 1 – Wrap Up 00:12:00
Day 2 - Analysis and Action
Review of Day 1 and GPS (Greater Purpose Statement) 00:06:00
From Japan – Open Window 64 Chart – 1 of 2 00:11:00
From Japan – Open Window 64 Chart – 2 of 2 00:15:00
Better Define your Goal – What does it mean? 00:09:00
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